2 February 2019 / journal

I wonder at life, the way in which God created it. How we as humans interact. The ability we have to love, to care, to nurture. It is special and unique and it is something I am growing in my understanding of. I have begun to recognize changes in my own life. Things I care about more, things I care about less. Slowly things begin to take shape. A little color is added. A thick line appears to outline. It is as if I am encroaching on something, this mysterious future that is invisible. And yet it is the everyday, the routine, the monotony; they give it shape. My whole being knows it does not know. And somehow it doesn't frighten or cower. Rather it simply continues doing what it has always known to do. Breathe. Beat. 

We complicate the things that are so natural to us, making them like foreign strangers when we encounter them in the future years of our lives. All I can put forward to the future is the collection of memories now. 

Those are the only transferable goods.


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